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Traditional media does not resonate with today’s 16-24 year olds in the way it used to; they are instead inspired by their influencer peer group on social media.

To reach this audience, we recommended a talent programme throughout the summer to increase awareness and engagement of the American Eagle brand via influencer advocacy.

We secured Laura Whitmore for Coachella, Millie Mackintosh for Glastonbury, Oliver Proudlock and Joey London for London Collections: Men and Rosie Fortescue for an in-store festival event – with all chosen specifically for their resonance with the core audience.

The social media engagement across the 5 projects totaled 67,308 likes with a total of 14 pieces of unique content created by talent for use across American Eagle’s own channels.

In addition, press coverage featuring the talent content was secured in titles such as Heat, New, LOOK, InStyle and GQ through fashion galleries, talent interviews and re-posts of talent content.

The Millie Mackintosh campaign alone gained 380,112 impressions, 4600 ad clicks, 3090 link clicks, and a 1.12% Click Through Rate against a retail industry average of 0.79%.

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